Tru-Fit Products is a cold heading company that manufactures custom, specialty construction fasteners, including T bolts, threaded fasteners, and weld studs. Our cold forming techniques are far superior to the hot-forging or screw machining processes used by other fastener manufacturers.

From initial design to final assembly, we provide a range of services that means your fasteners are of the highest quality and that your product is delivered on time and on budget.

Our full range of services include:


Our engineering staff is not only responsible for researching and developing new techniques in cold-heading special fasteners, but also for providing technical direction to meet the requirements of cost reduction in today’s marketplace.

Before we begin, prints are drawn by our expert staff and submitted to you ensuring a quality product, which satisfies your requirements.

Heat Treating

Our heat treating department features the latest technology in process control systems. This system closely monitors and controls atmospheres and furnace cycles, resulting in increased productivity and quality for heat-treated fasteners.

With both batch and continuous furnace capabilities, we have the versatility and experience to meet our customers’ heat-treating needs.


We take pride in knowing that the first thing you will notice is the quality finish of our product. Rest assured that corrosion resistance and uniformity of appearance are of equal importance to us.

Our in-house lab continually monitors and certifies all of our plating operations.

A programmable controller has provided a tighter control of our coating process, resulting in better uniformity, appearance, and overall quality of our coating.

Rainbows of colors are available for easy part identification applications. Ask your Tru-Fit sales representative for details.

Product Assembly

The ability to provide a completely assembled product to our customers allows a reduction in both lead time and cost. We welcome inquires on producing an assembly that contains specialty fasteners.

Secondary Operations

In many of our secondary operations, we are designing and building automated processing equipment. Where feasible, we are utilizing robotics and programmable control systems.

The ability to perform numerous types of secondary operations allows most part configurations to be made in house.

Custom CNC and NC machining is available for special requirements and close tolerances; drilling, milling, tapping, turning, bending, and thread rolling.