Materials & Options

Tru-Fit uses precision machining and cold forming to create customized construction fasteners that meet the exact specifications of your job.

We offer a variety of materials and options, including multi-station forming equipment that allows us to offer products ranging from 5/32″ to 1 3/8″ diameter, with some lengths exceeding 10″. In addition to manufacturing production runs of virtually any quantity, you can look to Tru-Fit Products to engineer cost effective designs that meet your requirements.

Cold Forming

When cold forming construction fasteners, we start with a coil of rod. The header draws the rod into wire and shears it off to a precise length so that the cubic volume of wire is equal to the volume of the finished part after forming. A hammer then rams the wire piece into the first station die to produce a different shape, ejects it, grabs it, and transfers it to the next station. This process is repeated in each successive station, shaping the part until it has been formed into its final, blank configuration.

Because cold forming produces the product in the final form, there is little or no secondary machining required, greatly reducing wasted material.

Examples are:
Eye bolts
Seat Track Bolts
Penta Bolts
Injection Stud
12 Point Bolts
Double Ended Stud


Many types of ferrous and non-ferrous material can be cold-headed.

Tru-Fit purchases all materials directly from the steel mill and follows proper steel preparation techniques to guarantee a quality finished product.


Custom tools and new techniques provide Tru-Fit the ability to manufacture parts in many configurations. With the installation of CNC machining equipment, we have increased our tool making capabilities to further ensure quality cold-formed parts.